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About Us

About Us

Core Values 

Glenbrook Ballet Theatre’s core focus is passion & possibility. Whilst it is a small number of students who wish to pursue dance as a career, we maintain that a high standard of technique and artistry is essential in enabling students to grow into dancers and reach their full potential. We wish to enable our students to develop not only into dancers but also into disciplined, confident, dedicated and positive individuals. Our focus is on the whole child and our aim is to instil a love of dance and a pride of workmanship in our students which shows through in their dancing as well as in their day to day lives.

Our core values govern all that we do at Glenbrook Ballet Theatre.

Our Philosophy
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We offer dance education of the highest quality to boys and girls in classical ballet, jazz, tap and modern dance. We strive to create an inspiring environment for our students and their families, where all care is taken to foster self confidence, passion, creativity and sound technique based on the traditions and discipline of Classical Ballet.

Codes of Conduct

Through the course of all teaching and related activities undertaken by Glenbrook Ballet Theatre, we adhere to legal and legislative requirements, the Royal Academy of Dance “Code of Conduct”, the Australian Dance Vision “Code of Safe Dance Practices” and the Ausdance “Australian Guidelines for Teachers” at all times. These outline codes of ethical practice relating to equal opportunities, child protection, privacy and integrity and emphasise the importance of safe dance practice.

"At GBT, it's not only about excellent technique but about the holistic development of each dancer, and their confidence in using their body to express themselves creatively...."

Ana, GBT Mum for 13 years

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