Petite Ballet Program

Petite Ballet Program

Tiny Toes 
Movement & Music for 2-3yr olds 


In our adorable Tiny Toes class children will explore different ways of moving and responding to music.


Each class in this carefully designed program, is designed to capture the imagination of this age group. 


Many props and musical instruments are used to enhance the learning and discovery. 

See your child light up with joy as they jump, move, spin & dance their way through these enchanting classes!



Even very youg children can benefit from learning dance and movement: they all have a natural energy, rhythm and desire to move to music.
Glenbrook Ballet Theatre’s extremely popular three year Petite Program encourages imagination and creative expression, as well as providing training in the fundamentals of classical ballet/dance in fun and adventure filled classes.


Beginners Ballet
Pre-Ballet for 3-4yr olds
In our enchanting Beginners Ballet classes, children begin to learn the basics of dance and ballet in a captivatingly imaginative  setting.
Each class follows a simple storyline and includes adventures such as "A Day At The Beach", "Magic Mountain" and "In the Jungle".
Class themes change 3 times per term with corresponding props, stickers and colouring. 
Watch your child delight in exploring the world of ballet in these adventure based classes!
Prelude Ballet
Pre-Ballet for 4-5yr olds
In our engaging and delightful Prelude Ballet classes begin to introduce more recognisable ballet steps such as "plies" "points" and "1st position".
Each class incorporates imaginative elements and storylines to involve the students in engaged learning.
Various props, teaching aides and musical instruments are used to enhance the learning and discovery. 

See your child's confidence blossom as they experience the magical world of ballet!

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