EDP & Cygnets Extension Programs

EDP & Cygnets Extension Programs

Innovative & individualised extension work providing elite level training in a nurturing environment.

Enrichment & Development Program
An Innovative, vertically streamed extension class for enthusiastic and dedicated dancers.

The Enrichment & Development Program (EDP) is designed to further nurture the talents of enthusiastic and dedicated students, through extension work. The program aims to provide students with an introduction to the world of dance training beyond regular after school classes.


The EDP Program will allow students to participate in a 1 hour extension class with like-minded students. The vertically streamed class concentrates on developing technique, artistry and musicality. We have carefully designed a program to help students build strength and technique through a specially designed conditioning program along with refining and extending the students classical technique.​

EDP Students are generally also expected to join the appropriate performance group for their syllabus level. Admission to the EDP Program is via application & audition. 

Minimum Age - Middle 1 Ballet

Cygnets Extension Program
Careful & Meticulous training for gifted young dancers
as a foundation for further dance study.

The Cygnets Program is a unique training program for young, gifted students which has been carefully designed to nurture and develop the talent in promising young dancers. The Cygnets Program allows students to participate in classes in an elite dance-training environment and offers the opportunity for these dancers to extend their technique and also to prepare them for further dance study. 


We have carefully designed a program of classes over 3 days per week (in addition to their regular after hours classes at GBT) to build strength, technique, musicality & performance quality. Cygnets students will also be prepared for local and major competitions. Cygnets classes will include: Classical Technique, Pre/Pointe work, Open Class Work,  Limber & Conditioning, Repertoire.


Admission to the Cygnets Program is via application & audition. 

Minimum Age - Middle 2 Ballet