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Settling In - Helpful hints to combat first day nerves.

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

We understand that dance class may be the first time your child is participating in an independent activity. As a new student of Glenbrook Ballet Theatre you/ your child may feel a little hesitant about embarking on the dance journey. We have welcomed many young dancers to the GBT Family over the last 10 years and we recognise that each of them is different. Some bounce straight into the studio and others need a little more time - and we are perfectly fine with both! 

We encourage all parents to be involved with their child’s dance education and new parents are welcome to watch their child’s class for the first two weeks of their first term to ensure they are settled and happy. After this we ask that parents/guardians and siblings wait in our waiting area, outside or leave and come back during your child’s class time. Young students are very easily distracted and sometimes intimidated by adult audiences. This can limit the children’s ability to learn and can also make things difficult for the teacher! BUT - We love to share our student's successes with you and parents are most welcome to watch classes on the last week of every term or by invitation from the teacher. 

Over time,  you will see their confidence soar as they learn new skills and then, best of all, see them proudly share their flourishing abilities with and for you.

If your child is feeling uncertain or doesn't want to join in, here are some things you can do to help:

• Come early to familiarise them with the environment and routine and gradually transition into the studio.

• Try to arrive on time - arriving late to class tends to be very off putting to the child who often then refuse to participate.

• Say a confident goodbye - even if there are tears. Let them know you will be in the waiting area/close by waiting to hear all about the lesson.

•Encourage your child with lots of hugs, smiles, and kisses before and after class.

• After class or later in the day, ask your child to teach or show you (or a sibling/friend/favourite toy) what they have learned.

"Thank you to Glenbrook Ballet Theatre for nurturing my daughter's love of dance! She looks forward to every class & I have watched her confidence & independence soar..."  

Sarah - GBT Mum

Ready to begin your/your childs dance journey with us? 

ENROL ONLINE NOW  or contact us if you would like more information.

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