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Glenbrook Ballet Theatre has a set uniform for each class, although purchase of this uniform is not required immediately. Comfortable and appropriate casual clothes which allow for movement may be worn for the first four weeks, until you and your child/children are settled and happy. After this, full uniform must be worn to each class.


Uniforms and correct grooming allow teachers to see the line of the body and are an important part of the presentation and discipline involved in studying ballet. Students arriving out of uniform or without correct grooming may be asked to sit out of class.


For girls long hair must be pulled back into a neat, well secured bun or short hair held back off the face with a headband for every class.  For boys hair must be neat and off the face at all times

Studio Boutique

We have an onsite dance wear boutique, which stocks a full range of ballet and jazz shoes, leg warmers, bun nets, hair packs, ribbons, stockings & socks. Leotards, skirts, cross-overs, headbands are available for sale in uniform colours. All items for sale through the studio boutique are are significantly less than dance store prices!

Glenbrook Ballet Theatre tracksuits, Vests, T-shirts and Character skirts are also available to order through the boutique.


The studio boutique is open:

Mon - Saturday


All purchases must be made

during opening times.

Payment is via cash or credit card.

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